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creating beautiful, natural brows


Microblading is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. The pigment is applied to the surface layer of the dermis using single-use sterilized tools and premium pigments that are produced in accordance with the highest standards. The expected result is crisp realistic lines that mimic natural eyebrow hairs. This style of tattooing is perfect for adding fullness and depth to existing brows or creating entirely new ones for those who suffer from minimal to no hair. This method can last up to 1 year or longer depending on your skin type and post care.  Get ready for beautiful, natural looking brows!


complimentary | 15 Minutes

A thorough consultation will be provided prior to your appointment and will need to be scheduled separately. During your consultation, we will discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the procedure. We will review your health history to ensure you are a candidate for the treatment as well as discuss shape, thickness and realistic expectations to help you feel at ease with your Microblading Treatment. We will schedule you for your appointment. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure your spot and will be used towards the cost of your treatment.  


$550 | 2.5 hours

Semi-permanent brows that can last up to 12 months by creating fine, crisp, natural looking hair strokes. This service is perfect for defining existing brows or creating entirely new ones. This is a 2 step process and will require an obligatory touch up 4-6 weeks post-treatment. Your touch up will include going over existing strokes and defining any new strokes as needed. The cost of your touch up is included in the price of your Microblading Treatment and can take up to 2 hours. 

Post Treatment Refresher

$150 | 60 minutes

This price is for existing clients ONLY and is available at this price for up to one year after your 4-week touch up is complete. If you had your procedure done elsewhere and need to be touched up, it will be considered a new procedure and the price will reflect the initial cost of the treatment.

If your post-treatment refresher requires reshaping instead of going over existing strokes, it will not be considered a touch-up and regular pricing will apply.